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Edoardo Delille

I was born in Florence in 1974. 

I chose photography after discovering that law school was not for me, destroying my parents' dream of a lawyer son. So I studied photography at the Fondazione Marangoni and then moved to Milan, a city that I never stopped to love and hate.

My first assignments were in fashion and advertising. Later on I started storytelling through my portraits. I also work on video and short movies.

Travelling is what I like most. I love mediterranean light, Magritte paintings, exploring borders and being a proud member of the photographers collective Riverboom.



Edoardo Delille is an Italian photographer and videographer working in field of portrait and documentary photography collaborating with various international magazines. His stories are always connected with the concept of boundaries, physical and human limits. His work has been shown in galleries and festivals worldwide.

tel. +39 348 5655754 


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Africa Blues - March 2023 - Sony World Photographic Award

Africa Blues - March 2023 - Orto Botanico, Rome

Diving Maldives - November 2022 - Paris Photo

Silenzio - September 2020 - Cortona On The Move

Diving Maldives - September 2020 - Festival Images, Vevey

On board - September 2018 - Phest Festival internazionale di fotografia e arte, Monopoli

Far South - September 2018 - Biennale dei Giovani Fotografi Italiani, Bibbiena

The Proud Winegrowers - August 2017 - Munich Airport

Full Immersion - June 2017 - Mag Museo Alto Garda

Los Trumpistas - March 2017 - Somerset House, London

We Splash - September 2016 - Festival Images, Vevey

En Plein Air - July 2015 - The Fence, New York

En Plein Air - May 2015 - PDN Award

Vapore - July 2014 - Cortona on the Move, Cortona

Persia Mon Amour - April 2014 - Middle East Film Festival, Florence

Vite - March 2014 - Palazzo Gran Guardia, Verona

Terreni - June 2012 - Museo Forma, Milano

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